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Getting Started with Parasailing

In todayís times, one of the most fun filled activities on the beach scene is parasailing. If you are looking for a thrills and excitement, then you should try parasailing. This wonderful activity offers that and much more combined with a flying experience that will take your breath away. Though, anyone should be able to enjoy this recreational activity, there are a few requirements that must be met.


One requirement that some companies have for people that want to go parasailing is that they must be at least five years old. They also have a weight minimum of 125lbs and 330lbs maximum. Avoiding any type of danger such as the inability to control the chute, are the reason for these parasailing requirements. A waiver should be signed and be in the company of an adult, if you wish to go parasailing and are 18 years old or younger.

Once safety requirements have been met, there are still other essential requirements that are needed before parasailing. One of the tools used in parasailing is a boat. The motor should be no less than 90 horse power. Towline and body harnesses are also accessories that should be aboard the boat, when going parasailing.

When parasailing you must also consider wind speed. 12 miles per hour is the minimum wind speed needed for parasailing. The range of the wind sped can be any where between 12 to 27 miles per hour to be effective.

Now that you have boat and wind speed checked off the list, the next to consider is the take off point. To be safe, make sure there are no obstructions in the take off area. This area needs to be clear. Also the operator of the boat needs to be a licensed professional.

Available on the market are various type of Parasails. These change in height from 24 feet to 42 feet. Among the different types of parasailing sails you can find single ones for one individual or you can find them to accompany up to three people.

When parasailing, fun isnít the only thing you should consider. You should always keep safety your first priority no matter how fun or exciting the trip is. Check the trustworthiness of the parasailing company that parasailing with is good.

Donít let the attractiveness of fancy advertisements fool you. Always research the policies of a parasailing company to see how good they are. Once you have done all these things, the only thing left to do is to have a nice relaxing time and enjoy your parasailing trip. Remember to be safe.


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